Ezee-Mist Sanitizer

Cash in on vehicle sanitizing on demand!

Perfect for

  • Convenience stores
  • Car washes
  • Municipalities
  • Taxi fleets
  • Rental fleets
  • School districts
  • Mechanic shops
  • Vehicle
  • Dealerships
  • Law enforcement
  • Car pools
  • Shuttle vehicles
  • Golf carts

The Details

Profitable, $5.00 suggested vend price. Fast, effective coverage. Dispenses 4 to 5 ft. plume at one ounce per minute. Treats largest SUV’s quickly. Recommended vend time, three minutes. Kills all viruses, including COVID-19, bacteria and fungus when using EPA approved product. Stainless steel cabinet – 14” x 22” x 20” H, 85 lbs., 15 ft. wire braid dispensing hose, 2 gallon capacity,110V 15 amp


  • Coin/token with electronic acceptor 
  • Coin/token/credit card
  • Credit card only
  • 42”, 64” or 84” Pedestal


Fragramatics Ezee-Mist Cash in on vehicle sanitizing demand

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