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Fragramatics' Turbo-Vac with "Cool-Flow" vacuum system is a customer loyalty program via high-performance. According to the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), maximum air watts is the best way to measure the actual cleaning power of a vacuum system. Our proprietary vac motors with "Cool-Flow" produce 835 air watts or 43% more than 3 standard motors ; 96% more than a standard 2 motor vacuum. 10 gauge wire and a 30 amp breaker are required.(120 volts) "Cool-Flow" extends motor life & simultaneously meets all ETL listing requirements. All turbo vacs have 2 of these motors ; they are standard on all Select-a-Vacs and the Quadra. Turbo motors are $75 factory direct and can be retrofitted on most vacuums for increased performance.

Push-Button Turbo-Vac with "Cool-Flow" – $1,110
Coin-op Turbo-Vac with "Cool-Flow" – $1,445
Cashless Credit/Debit Turbo-Vac with "Cool-Flow" – $1,510 (wireless)
Coin-op Credit/Debit Turbo-Vac with "Cool-Flow" – $1,895 (wireless)

Select-a-Vac with "Cool-Flow" - $3,682
Select-a-Vac (Fragrance)with "Cool-Flow" - $4,882
Select-a-Vac (Spot Removing Shampoo) with "Cool-Flow" - $4,882
Quadra with "Cool-Flow" – $5,529

**Stronger than 4 standard motors
**Increased motor life
ADD $140 for Micro-coin QL
(Quadra Free Vac Key Switch – No Charge limited offer)

Turbo-Vac with "Cool Flow"

Your Customers will HATE any Other Vacuum

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