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Our new economy and turbo vacuums! Equipped with computer controlled timer, 4 bags, Poly dome, and 1-1/2" SmoothBor hose. These features combined with our next-generation electronics are unmatched in the industry.

Vacuum Combination Units

These eye-catching units feature an easy-to-read scrolling LED instructions/sales message and the strongest stainless steel cabinets in the industry!

Vacuum Combination Unit
Vacuum Islands

We call our Vac Island Package the ultimate income island because it is an around-the-clock customer attraction. Complete with the latest car care services available, the Vac Island Package maximizes impulse income and generates profits.

Vacuum Island

These dispensers are a favorite choice for many operators. Available in model EVD3 for fragrance and the model CCD for carpet shampoo and spot remover, these units are virtually indestructible and receive high marks in customer satisfaction. We also offer the FSD-3 for our full service car wash operators.

Buy Replacement Parts

We stock most replacement parts for all of our equipment, old and new. Simply select the model name and browse through the parts listed. If you do not find the particular part you are looking for please contact customer service.

Buy Liquid Products

All of our liquid products, dri-foaming shampoo and spot remover, and our 29 premium fragrances are specifically formulated to work best in FRAGRAMATICS brand equipment.

Liquid Products
Buy Electronics-Timers and ePort
Call us to order a credit/debit card reader for your existing equipment.
Air Machines and Air/Vacs

Powerful, High Performance Air Machines and Air/Vacs for your car wash or convenience store

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